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What is TheCarWiz?

How does the car-buying process work?

TheCarWiz is the new way to buy a new or used car, and our car buying process is nothing like what you would experience with a typical car lot or dealership. It would be great to buy a car from home, at your own time, and at your own convenience without sitting around at the dealership wouldn't it?! That's right! TheCarWiz offers a car buying experience for today's universe, receiving personalized options and terms that are shared with you down to the finishing details, giving you all the information you need to help with making the best decision with your purchase — all without wasting time at the dealership. Use "Locate" to narrow down your search, select options, equipment, and more of your new or pre-owned car. On each vehicle's display page all the details, specs, and provided data will be highlighted, giving you the information to help with making the best choice!

Once you've selected the vehicle that's best for you, click “Call, Text, or Send Message.” If a vehicle is not already displayed, click “Locate” and we’ll find the best match. Once your vehicle has been located you will receive photos, details, and specifics of your car from a Wiz Specialist.

Next, once your vehicles terms have been arranged with a Certified Dealer — an upfront, discounted price will be broken down, including trade value, all terms, accessory costs, fees and incentives whether you decide to finance, lease, or pay cash.

Once you agree to terms, the Certified Dealer and a Wiz Specialist will review your details and make sure all documentation is prepared and your vehicle is secured. In the last step, choose to sign at the comfort of your home and we’ll arrange delivery or simply pickup at a time that's best for you.

Our Team we'll reach out to you to confirm your appointment for pickup or delivery, making sure we're available every step of the way with your purchase. Looks easy right? And it is! TheCarWiz is dedicated to our customers' wants and needs and making sure your car-buying experience is everything how you expect it to be. If you need any help we're here for you, and our friendly Wiz Specialists are just a phone call away 833-293-0900.

What happens at signing and delivery?

Our Certified Dealers are dedicated to make sure your experience is truly exceptional and you sign and drive conveniently and comfortably.

Pickup — Once you have scheduled your appointment time with a Wiz Specialist and you arrive for pickup, you have the opportunity to take the vehicle out for a drive so you can be sure the car meets your expectations. If you have a trade-in, this is when the Certified Dealer will do the final inspection. When you return, you will have the option to accept or reject the vehicle. If you accept, that is when the Certified Dealer will process the funds for your purchase and sign paperwork.

Local delivery — Once your vehicle has been scheduled for local delivery with a Wiz Specialist, the Certified Dealer will be at your designated location with paperwork ready to be signed and your new vehicle.

Out-of-state delivery (Or exceeding 100 mile radius) — After documentation has been signed and returned to the Certified Dealer, a Wiz Specialist will confirm the day your vehicle will be picked for transport and delivered to your designated location.

For questions about trading in your vehicle with home delivery please contact our Team - 833-293-0900.

Is there a fee for using this service?

No, we do not charge you any fees for using the services. It’s a complementary service and we ordinarily receive fees from our Certified Dealers in connection with the services provided.

Locate and Search

What is the location of the actual car that I'm reviewing online?

Cars will be located at our Certified Dealers throughout the country and we'll make sure it's conveniently located nearest to you. As an online car-buying service, we make sure you have all the information you need to know about the car at your fingertips without any pressure and sales contact.

How long will it take to locate, arrange, and sign and drive the vehicle? Generally, locating your cars best match will take up to 1 business day or less. If you proceed, arranging your cars price and terms can take up to another business day.

Once your vehicle is secured and your information has been verified, you can set an appointment time as early as that day or the following business day for pickup or local delivery. If you’re purchasing out-of-state (or exceeds 100 mile radius) it can generally take 5-7 business days to have your vehicle delivered to you, including the turnaround time to sign your paperwork.

We will keep you updated along the way to make you aware of the estimated time of each step throughout the car-buying process, but please be advised that time frames vary based on your cars availability, and making sure you receive an exceptional arrangement.

Will TheCarWiz locate more than one vehicle?

Our objective is to find you a car that fits your lifestyle and accommodates your wants and needs. If for some reason you would like TheCarWiz to locate another car, we will allow you to choose another vehicle, and we'll find the best match from a Certified Dealer that's conveniently located nearest to you! Purchase

What happens after I Agree to Terms?

Once you agree to terms, your car will be secured and the information you have shared for your purchase will be verified with our Certified Dealer, and as long as it's accurate, your terms will not change. All of your documents will be safely arranged with the Certified Dealer along with the completed terms of the deal. Once your information has been completed and verified you will then be able to set your appointment to sign and drive or have the vehicle delivered! Trade-in

Will the trade-in value I receive from the Certified Dealer change? The trade-in value you receive from our Certified Dealer is valid for 7 days. The appraisal will be valid and not change as long as there are no informational discrepancies.

Can I trade-in more than one vehicle on the same purchase?

Yes, you will have the option to add a second vehicle to apply your trade-in value to your purchase in the form of a down payment or we can simply have our Certified Dealer cut a check for you. Our Certified Dealer will perform a final inspection on both trade-ins when you arrive for signing and delivery of your new car.

Will you price match or negotiate on my trade value?

TheCarWiz seeks to provide a hassle-free and no haggle experience for our customers. The value you receive from our Certified Dealer after filling out our online appraisal is the best offer. We do not participate in price matching or negotiating.

What information do I need to provide in order to trade-in to a Certified Dealer?

If you own the vehicle outright and in full: -The Certified Dealer will need your vehicles title. -The Certified Dealer will need a copy of the driver's license of anyone listed on the title (If anyone other than you is listed on the title, they will need to be present at the time of signing at our Certified Dealer.)

It you have a lien on your vehicle:

  • -The Certified Dealer will need the registration card
  • -The Certified Dealer will need a copy of your vehicle's 10-day payoff statement
  • -The Certified Dealer will need the driver's license of anyone on the registration (If your vehicle has negative equity, depending on the amount, we may also need a picture of the front and back of a certified check for the amount required for purchase. Please speak with a Wiz Specialist before getting this check so we can tell you the exact amount owed.)

What is negative equity?

Negative equity is when you owe more on your vehicle's current lien than the value at which the Certified Dealer appraises your vehicle. For example, if you still owe $20,000 for your current vehicle and the Certified Dealer appraises your vehicle's value at $10,000, your negative equity would be $10,000, which is the difference between the lien and the value.


I want to finance with my credit union/bank. How does the process work?

During the arranging process, you will be asked to provide the name of your credit union or bank, the amount of your loan, and your loan officer's name and contact information, if applicable. We recommend that you are already approved or pre-approved with your lender before starting the online purchase process. Once you complete the purchase process and schedule an appointment for delivery, our team will provide you the necessary documents to forward your bank or loan officer to finalize your loan. Please note that your loan must be funded and the Certified Dealer will need to verify the method of payment with your financial institution before we can confirm your appointment for pickup. If I have bad credit, can I still finance and purchase a vehicle?

TheCarWiz works with all types of credit! The cost of your vehicle and the amount you can afford to put down can have a large effect on the financing offer you receive. These two factors alone may increase your likelihood of approval, reduce your monthly payment, and improve your offer.

After filling out an application, a Wiz Specialist will share with you personalized financing terms, including monthly payment, minimum required down payment, and your APR. These terms are valid for up to 45 days. If our Certified Dealers' financing terms aren't the way you would like to go, our Certified Dealers will work with most third party lenders, credit unions, or banks.

If I'm financing with a Certified Dealer, are the financing terms I see on the site actual terms? Will they change?

At TheCarWiz, we believe your financing terms should be disclosed and upfront prior to arriving at the Certified Dealer. Once you completed an application, the terms will be accurate and personalized for you, based on the information you provided. We offer the best terms up front so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. As long as the information provided is accurate and can be fully verified by our Certified Dealer, there will not be any changes to your terms.

How long are my Financing terms valid for?

Once a financing application is filled out completely, your personalized financing terms will be valid for up to 45 days as long as our Certified Dealer is able to verify the information you provided.

Does getting pre-qualified terms from TheCarWiz impact my credit?

No. When you pre-qualify with TheCarWiz, you will receive real, personalized terms without affecting your credit score. A formal credit inquiry is not complete until you agree to terms and complete a separate application with a Certified Dealer.

What factors affect my monthly payment?

In order of impact, the three major factors that influence your monthly are the Amount financed, Term or length of contract, and Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

How does my credit score determine financing terms?

Generally, your credit score is a measure of your financing history and current financial status. It gives financial institutions an idea of the risk associated with financed purchases. Credit scores usually range from 350-850 with higher scores indicating lower risk. Our Certified Dealers and its creditors decide financing terms based on four main factors:

Vehicle selection: cost, age, and mileage Application information: employment, residence, and income information Credit history: information contained in your credit profile Down payment: total of cash and trade equity

What factors influence my credit score?

  • -The timeliness of your payments, including late payments
  • -The amount and type of debt you have
  • -The number and age of your credit accounts
  • -Inquires created by applying for credit
  • -Public records such as liens and judgments

How does selling my car with TheCarWiz work?

TheCarWiz created a process that enables you to get the most value for your car. After answering a few questions and upload photos, we share this information with our nationwide network of instant buyers.

If your price isn’t met within 48 hours, your car will be listed on TheCarWiz and other partner sites for the most exposure. Whether if the potential buyer has a trade-in, requires financing, or needs vehicle shipping, TheCarWiz handles it all.

What happens when my car goes live?

TheCarWiz lists your car across the most popular and significant marketplaces, including our own. We handle the emails, text messages, phone calls, and remove all the inconvenience associated with selling your car.

Does TheCarWiz facilitate the entire transaction?

Yes! Does the potential buyer have a trade-in, require financing, or need vehicle shipping? We'll take care of it all, including DMV and title.

Is there a fee to list and sell my car?

There is no fee to list, however, when your car sells there is a 4.5% success fee. In some cases, our objective is to add the success fee on top of the value you’re comfortable with so it may not cost you anything.

Can I have a Pre Purchase Inspection done?

Yes. TheCarWiz can help with sourcing trusted third party inspection companies.

I have a great story that I'd like to share about how much TheCarWiz helped me, who can I send it to?

We would be honored to hear how we helped! Please send your stories to fcontact@thecarwizusa.com

Where do I report missing vehicles or options?

If you catch any information missing from vehicle options, please let us know at contact@thecarwizusa.com

How do I tell you about mistakes I've found on your site?

Whether you are a car buyer and have found a problem with our website, or are a dealer and have the most up-to-date information on incentives, we are critical about our data, and strive to be as accurate as possible. We want to know!! If you find any mistakes, please send a note to contact@thecarwizusa.com .